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Hastings District Council are enacting a Reserve Management Plan for Eskdale Park

By making a submission you will be contributing to the future of Eskdale Park and having your say into what you want the park to be, what facilities are available, and how you want to be able to use the space.

Tips on how to make a submission:
Say what you want to happen and what you don't want to happen, not how you feel about it. Be clear and direct with your wording. Your submission will inform the first stage of the Reserve Management Plan process, a draft will be made from this, which will then be opened to public feedback.

You can have your say on stage 1 of the Reserve Management Plan now by sending an email to [email protected], or by clicking the button below.
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History of Eskdale Park

The land for Eskdale Park was donated by Thomas Clark over a hundred years ago for a public park. It has been historically used as a picnic ground and for community events. The park was managed by a committee of local residents 1970s, who installed the current facilities and playground. The Hastings District Council are currently responsible for maintaining and improving the park.
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Recent Events

In 2018 the Hawke's Bay Mountain Bike Club came up with the idea of using Eskdale Park as a hub for their activities, and came up with a plan which they showed to the Hastings District Council.

Two years later, members of the Council showed a draft of this plan to local residents of Eskdale Park at a tree planting day.

As a response to this plan our community group, Friends of Eskdale Park, was formed.

The Hastings District Council asked for feedback about Eskdale Park online and hosted a meeting at Hukarere School about the future of the park.

Due to the increased publicity of the Hawkes Bay Mountain Bike Club's plan, this meeting was focused on this issue, and a clear majority wanted the park left as it is, or wanted minor improvements.

The council then held a closed key stakeholders meeting, and a smaller meeting at Hukarere School.

Due to the increased public interest, the Council voted to enact a Reserve Management Plan for Eskdale Park at the end of 2020.
View the plan here

What Now?

The Reserve Management Act process will begin very shortly, and once it does you only have a 30 day window in which to have your say.

It is very important that your voice is heard, and in a way that can't be ignored.

The Hastings District Council will likely make a formal submission form available, or provide some other offical way for you to pass on your point of view.

If you would like us to get in touch with you when this happens, please submit your email address below.
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